BARR Model: BARR uses eight interlocking strategies that facilitate real, meaningful relationships between adults and students. Learn More.

BARR Results: BARR has quietly become one of the most consistently-proven models for school success, with real results in schools big and small, urban and rural; schools in need of turnaround and those ready to make the leap from good to great. Learn More

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"We know there are no silver bullet solutions, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, but we can create systems where we carefully reflect on what we see in our students, we use what we’re learning from our work with our students to inform continuous improvement and practice. And that’s the spirit behind the work that BARR has done." - Former Secretary of Education Dr. John B. King, Jr.

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BARR creates a structure and a support system so that nobody falls through the cracks.
— Teacher
There is more structure in place for me to connect more with the students ... to figure out and deal with the challenges that are going on in each of their individual lives.
— Teacher
I felt like I didn’t want to go to school, and they got me coming back.
— Student